2017 · Pinoy Indie




Diego, a musician who returns to his hometown of Siargao to take a break from the chaotic life in Manila. There, he meets Laura, a fashion and beauty video blogger nursing a broken heart after her boyfriend dumped her. Along the way, they challenge each other as feelings grow between them. For Diego, returning to Siargao also means facing his past, including ex-flame Abi. Siargao is directed by Paul Soriano under Ten17 Productions.

Casts: Jericho Rosales, Erich Gonzales, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Wil Dasovich, Mica Javier, Roxanne Barcelo, Will Devaughn, Enchong Dee

Genre: Romance, Drama


Siargao’s strength is the island itself. The movie undeniably showcased the best of the island in all angles. Probably, this film has the best execution in terms of promoting a certain Philippine destination. I am glad they chose Siargao in Mindanao. With lots of bad publicity and apprehensions about Mindanao, creating a beautiful movie like this will somehow help us to slowly erase all negative things about our beautiful island and be able to promote our underrated tourist spots worthy of a Massive Tourism campaign. Thank you to the producers of Siargao for this superb job in terms of Cinematography and production design. I really can see the brilliant hands from Underwater Camera angles to breath-taking aerial shots of the whole island. I really like the snippets of Tourism-inspired videos that were shot beautifully. My most favorite parts are the shots with the waves. They were just so professionally-done. I am glad Pinoy film-makers could pull-off some great shots with surfing scenes. Overall, I also love the color tone of the movie. It really suits to the island-life feels and as well as the demand of the scenes. Story-wise, Siargao need not to be that deep. Somehow, you forget the story-line because of the amazing island shots and sequences. If you are in for some appreciation of Siargao and its natural beauty and adventure offer, you might find the movie fairly enjoyable.


Despite a breath-taking view of the island and an impressive cinematography & breakthrough cinematic techniques, Siargao fails to provide a solid foundation and conflict material and gave in to its several tendencies of Eat, pray, Love cliches. In as much as I wanted to fully enjoy this cinematic masterpiece, I can’t help but get disappointed with the full potential of the film. I expected it to venture a whole new story-telling experience but just like the big waves of the island, the plot is drowned with incoherent story development and weak character build-up. There is nothing in the plot that could either inspire or provoke you. At some point, the story has no bearing at all. More than a lackluster plot, Siargao suffered with a weird characterizations that were a bit off to the whole story. Honestly, Erich could easily be removed from the whole film and will have no effect with Jericho and Jasmine’s story at all. I expected Erich’s character to be fully involved but I felt she was just a beautiful seashell on the shore. Aside from that, I find Jericho and Jasmine’s love story to be lacking in terms of foundation. To begin with, it was not established well. Just like Tourists in the island, their story lasted from their entire stay and ended up after they left the island. Siargao is better off a Tourism Advertisement and Instagram Filter than a movie.


7/10 Popcorns.

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