Love You to the Stars and Back




Mika decided to go on a road trip with a very strange goal – to look for aliens. In her trip, Mika accidentally bumps into a simple and good-humored boy, Caloy whom she chooses to give a free ride to until he reaches his destination. The two embark on a road trip filled with adventures and misadventures, not knowing that it will lead them to experiencing their most memorable romance at such a young age. This is directed by Antoinette Jadaone under Star Cinema.

Casts: Julia Barreto, Joshua Garcia, Cherry Pie Picache, Ariel Rivera, Maricar Reyes, Edgar Allan Guzman, Eda Nolan & Carmina Villaroel.

Genre: Romantic, Comedy

Previous Films of Joshua and Julia: Vince & Kath & James


Love you to the Stars and Back is one of feel-good films of Star Cinema sprinkled with Jadaone’s trusted magic. What I like about the movie is its consistency from story-telling and tone. The sequencing and phasing is fast but the moral of the story was not sacrificed at all. Overall, the movie is wrapped in a simple way wherein the audience could relate in all aspects. Conversations are generally relatable and the whole feel is light-hearted and sincere. I like how Jadaoane creatively played with the idea of aliens and successfully incorporated it with the characters and their individual struggles. I love how they interpret metaphors about the harsh realities in life.  The cinematography is good and I love their Official soundtrack too. The setting was nice especially the scene in Mt. Milagros. More than a very simple storyline, the movie’s strength is its characters. Joshua and Julia’s on-screen chemistry is all over the place. They are just so pleasing to see. I must commend an improved acting performance from Julia. For this film, I have to give it to Joshua on this one. I was so impressed with his heartfelt acting in the movie. I am emotionally-attached to him in on all his dramatic scenes. I also love how the other characters supported some scenes. Overall, the movie was good.


Lowering your expectations could somehow manage your take on the movie. There is nothing wrong with the movie actually. Still, a Star Cinema masterpiece.


8.5/10 Popcorns

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