Riveting. Thrilling. Superbly-acted. LIFE gave all other films of the genre a run for their money.




“LIFE” tells a  story of a six-member crew of the International Space Station currently orbiting the Earth and are on their journey to discover a breakthrough discovery and evidence of extraterrestrial life on Mars. Upon their discovery and research, they will face thrilling and unintended consequences that will may risk all their lives even all of humanity. This space-film is directed by Daniel Espinosa under Columbia Pictures.

CASTS: Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, Olga Dihovichnaya, Hiroyuki Sanada & Ariyon Bakare

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Thriller

Here’s my review of a past Ryan Reynolds’ Film: DEADPOOL. 


LIFE may have a similar formula among all other Space films in Hollywood and a resemblance to Aliens which is somehow a closer comparison but for me, LIFE has gave a fresher and more direct take on this extraterrestrial formula that made it my MOST FAVORITE SPACE MOVIE OF ALL TIME after The Martian, The Space Between Us, Passengers, Gravity, Interstellar, Alien and Armageddon.

This fast-paced movie veered away from any introductory scenes on earth stuff or even spared us from the backstories of the 6 crew. It went directly to the whole nutshell to begin with. Its a full-length Space Film Setting just like GRAVITY. What makes it unique is that the story was directly presented into our very own eyes. Its a study of a certain specie from Mars. What I loved about LIFE is that story-line is not very much complicated. It is easy to digest as whole. The film will instead take you to a very thrilling and disturbing ride from its turning point towards its very shocking ending that I saw coming but actually did not expect the movie will end like that. LIFE is a riveting piece that offers a very decent edge-of-the-seat entertainment. At times, I screamed at few scenes. The scenes just gave me those space thrills I loved from Gravity and Aliens. The Alien figure was also presented a much newer approach which is more or less scientific. Somehow, it gave the movie ALIENS a modern prequel. LIFE somehow introduced the origins of it. I am amazed and impressed with Setting and Production design as well. They have a nice setting on the earth’s orbit (outside space) and a very good Space ship setting too. Its not too overrated at least. LIFE’s major win is its wonderfully acted performances from Gyllenhaal, Reynolds and Dihovichnaya. I must commend all other characters too. I just felt the intensity of every scenes especially those scenes that they are fighting for their lives. Its very emotionally-compelling too. Most of the scenes affected me in some way. I had a good time watching it. It may have the similar formula but the approach in terms of direct storytelling, a notch higher alien interpretation and greatly acted performances made LIFE as my most favorite film in the genre to date. Highly-recommended for all those thriller-seekers out there.


If you keep on comparing it with ALIENS and all other Space Movies, you will see a lot of cliches actually. But I don’t have a problem with that. We all have different takes on movies like this. Hey, I enjoyed the movie.


10/10 Popcorns

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