Spider-man: Homecoming




Peter Parker got a taste of being an Avenger during the movie Captain America: Civil War wherein the Avengers were torn apart. After that memorable experience, Peter returns home to live with his Aunt May. Under the supervision and monitoring of Tony Stark, Peter starts to embrace his identity as the Spider-man. He is trying to live a normal life until an evil vulture emerges to threaten everything he holds dear. The second reboot of the Spider-man Franchise under MCU is directed by Jon Watts under Sony Pictures.

Casts: Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr., Marisa Tomei, Michael Keaton, Zendaya, Donald Glover, Jacob Batalon, Tyne Daly, Laura Harrier, Bokeem Woodbine

Genre: Action-Adventure, Science-Fiction

Previous Marvel Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 LOGAN; Doctor Strange; DeadpoolCaptain America: Civil WarAnt-man & The Avengers: Age of Ultron


Spider-man: Homecoming is a refreshing reboot of the Spiderman Franchise under Sony Pictures. It was actually a decent franchise with lots of new things to look forward in one of the well-loved superheroes in the big screen. Let’s start with Peter Parker himself. Tom Holland was actually fit for the role. I like his vibe as a teenager and a normal high school student that is naive and innocent as a whole. He was actually the youngest Spiderman. Tom was impressive and I think it was a best choice to let him portray this iconic superhero. Story-wise, there are really lots of new things on this second reboot. Overall, it was actually good as the movie picked up after the recent Captain America: Civil War. You must watch it to know the reference of that film to the recent Spiderman adaptation. At some point, it was also good to include Iron Man as he plays a very vital role in mentoring Peter Parker in being an Avenger soon. I must commend Michael Keaton on this movie. He was just the best villain among all other Spidey franchises. Action sequences were great. I love the cinematography and the succession of scenes in the movie. Particulary, I love the Ferry and the Monument scene. The good thing about the movie is it portrayed the KID SIDE of Peter Parker. Ordinary scenes in the classroom and even while preparing for Prom, the movie gave that feeling that Spiderman is just a normal kid like us. Aside from that, the KIDDIE Portrayal was very effective to bring out the vulnerability of Peter Parker in making big decisions at a very young age. In that aspect, Spiderman Homecoming was on-point. Overall, it was a great Spiderman movie.


Being the 6th Spiderman movie ever made, you can’t help but compare the latest movie from all of its predecessors regardless pf the Film Studio that adapted it. Sadly, Spiderman: Homecoming doesn’t quite live up to the hype of this iconic superhero. There is no problem with Tom Holland. He was a good Spiderman. Somehow, I just find him too young for this even though the whole premise wanted him to be that young. I was bit off with the whole story itself. At some point, the methodology of Spiderman was forgotten and the focus was placed more on Tony Stark mentoring Peter Parker and Peter Parker pleasing him to be part of the Avenger. I am missing the old Spiderman who doesn’t have to please a higher being like an Avenger to be recognized and to find his worth as a superhero. Spiderman should have that innate instinct to know what is right for him as shown in all other previous films. I understand that it was a refreshing take on the franchise but we all need to go back to our roots sometimes. I am also a bit bothered of the casts in the movie. Ned as a best friend is funny but I don’t like his personality in the movie and in reference of Spiderman itself. Also, Liza was a good lady interest but they seem have a lost connection with Peter at times. Aunt May was also cringe-worthy in the movie. I expected an older and conservative Aunt May here. Aside from that, the movie do not have a family connection. It is really important for a Spiderman movie to have that since superheroes have weak spots. It felt like it was more of Iron Man than Peter’s family. Some action sequences could have been better. Although the Ferry scene was my favorite but it lacks intensity and destruction feels enough to give way to a vital scene of Peter and Tony after that. The Climax was not that good as well. It failed to give that sense of accomplishment for me. Despite all these weak points, I still enjoyed the movie.


10/10 Popcorns.

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