So many reasons to love My Ex & Whys. LizQuen’s best so far.




This Star Cinema Masterpiece is directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina that is all about trust and second chances in love. The story evolves bewteen Cali and Gio, former lovebirds, that were separated because of trust issues. The story follows the game of chances and realizations on their failed relationship the second time around.

Casts: Liza Soberano, Enrique Gil, Joey Marquez, Ara Mulach, Ryan Bang, Joross Gamboa, Neil Coleta, Dominic Roque

Genre: Romance, Drama

Past Movies of LizQuen: Everyday I Love You & Just The Way You Are. 


I like everything about the film. Generally it is predictable but My Ex & Whys is probably the best LizQuen movie so far. With its very relatable plot about romance and second chances, the movie appealed well with all die-hard LizQuen fans and fans of Pinoy RomComms as well. From the tried and trusted Star Cinema Production and the magical and romantic hands of Cathy Garcia-Molina, the movie is overall feel-good and inspiring. What I loved about the film is its cinematography and production value. I commend the slow motion scenes and of course the scenes in Korea which was produced well on big screen. Aside from its not-so-complicated plot, My Ex & Whys will glue you with outright comedy and witty hugot lines and engaging conversations that won’t bore you at all even for a single minute. Also, LizQuen formula never fails to impress me. This time, I saw them as more mature in terms of acting. Hats off to Liza Soberano. The irresistible charm of Liza and Enrique is more than worth your admission ticket. Loved the variety of the supporting characters too that added spice and life in the film. Credits to Ryan Band and Joross Gamboa for being the best compliments as support. The film will put a lingering smile in your face after. It will move and inspire you in terms of second chances and taking risks about love. One of Star Cinema’s best.


Sorry to disappoint fans but there is still no kissing scenes. Well, you can call that a spoiler.


10/10 Popcorns.

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