Born Beautiful




After her best friend dies, Barbs starts a new life as a straight man named Bobby, which leads her to Trisha’s ex-boyfriend Michael Angelo, to her own ex-boyfriend Greg and to a woman claiming she is pregnant with Barbs’ child. Born Beautiful is directed by Perci Intalan under Cignal Entertainment, Octobertrain Films & The IdeaFirst Company.

CAST: Martin del Rosario, Paolo Ballesteros, Lou Veloso, Chai Fonacier, Kiko Matos, Akihiro Blanco, Gio Gahol & VJ Mendoza

GENRE: Comedy, Drama


Born Beautiful is a charming and highly-entertaining masterpiece from beginning to end and is a worthy follow-up from the blockbuster flick – Die Beautiful. What I like about Born Beautiful is that it became consistent with the whole foundation of Die Beautidul along with flashbacks and appearances from the former lead actor – Paolo Ballesteros. Despite the new character from Martin del Rosario emerged in this movie, it is nice to know that the image of “BARBS” is still maintained and preserved. In fact, Martin del Rosario portrayed “Barbs” very well and he really deserve an acting award for this one. Picking up from the death of her best friend, what I love about Born Beautiful is its rawness and authenticity about the portrayal of being “Gay” behind those fancy make-ups, colorful costumes and the roller coaster ride of Pageantry. Comedy will always be there from beginning to end. I loved the fact that they did not gear towards being so dark and disturbing on this 2nd installment. The movie focused more on the love triangle of Barbs and the other talented cast. Kiko and Akihiro were both amazing actors and good supporting characters of Barbs in the movie. The kissing scenes were just pure bliss for me. The other gay characters were also a breathe of fresh air. Chai did not disappoint with her interesting character too. She was just pure joy to watch on screen. Overall, Born Beautiful is worthy-sequel of Die Beautiful.


Born Beautiful is not as deep and affecting compared with Die Beautiful. Well, it does not invest on too much dramas which I think can please majority of its audience. Of course, watch out for that R-16 Content & Scenes.



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