Love, Simon




Love, Simon is a story of a seventeen-year old guy who has yet to tell his family or friends  that he’s gay and he doesn’t actually know the identity of the anonymous classmate he’s fallen for online. The movie is a funny and heartfelt coming-of-age story about the thrilling ride of finding yourself and falling in love. This is directed by Greg Berlanti under 20th Century Fox.

Cast: Nick Robinson, Katherine Langford, Alexandra Shipp, Josh Duhamel, Logan Miller, Jorge Lendeborg, Tony Hale, Jennifer Garner, Keiynan Lonsdale, Miles Heizer, Colton Haynes & Joey Pollari

Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy


Love, Simon has every formula to be a wonderful coming-of-age film that benefits mostly from its light-hearted plot and humor that is scattered into proportional amounts all throughout the movie. This is a Gay Film to be direct but as the story progresses, the movie will open your eyes to different topics about Family, Friends, Choices in life and somehow talks about life in a whole new perspective. This is a conservative Gay movie that need not to be offensive because of some obscene visuals but rather a film that will capture your hearts and emotions from effective character development and charming characters. With regards to Love, Simon’s plot, it is just simple. Simon has a huge ass secret and he is so afraid to come out. He met a mysterious person online undergoing the same dilemma. The beautiful love story started from that point. What I like about the movie is the simplicity of its approach to showcase a typical teenager in a school setting, surrounded with friends and challenged with various circumstances that will test his identity and preference. The Cinematography is good. Musical Scoring was on point. Scenes need not to be complicated to be funny and heartwarming because it comes out naturally from beginning to end. I really loved Nick Robinson here. He was impressive. His acting skill was the film’s major strength. He was so effective in portraying a confused teenager and you as audience can almost feel that he is always holding hid breath as if it will explode any moment. You can almost feel his apprehensions. With that, he was effective as an actor. Other contrast of the characters were also a good move to add spice in the movie. Love, Simon is like a rhythm of the falling rain that has one direction and is consistent with its premise. The build up of the mystery from Simon’s love interest up to the film’s conflict, the director was able to pull-off a good job with the whole execution. The conflict materials was on point. The resolution of the movie also gave justice to the build-up the story demands. Overall, Love, Simon is of the best and most conservative Gay movies I have seen in Hollywood. I highly recommend this movie to everyone.


Well, I was hoping for a longer frame for Nick Robinson/s topless scenes. LOL!


10/10 Popcorn

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Everything, Everything


everything-everything-posterPICTURE SOURCE


A teenage girl named Maddy is unable to leave their home because of an immunodeficiency condition that makes here allergic to anything outside especially bacteria. However, her life changed when she began communicating with a new boy next door, Olly . Being secluded for 18 years, Maddy must fight the curiosity of connecting with the outside world even if it meant putting her life in danger because of her disease. The movie directed by Stella Meghie and was adapted from the YA novel of the same name by Nicola Yoon under Warner Bros. Pictures.

Casts: Amandla Stenberg, Nick Robinson, Anika Noni Rose, Ana de la Reguera, Peter Benson & Taylor Hickson.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Past Movies of Nick Robinson: Jurassic World & The 5th Wave


Everything, Everything has every right to be a good teenage romantic movie that is mostly attributed to the charm of Nick & Amandla and their very strong chemistry on-screen. Seeing star-crossed lovers on-screen is really an eye-candy especially those fans of coming-of-age-films specifically romantic ones. What I like about the movie is its very light approach on a New York Best Seller Novel with a very effective formula of romance and charm enough to entertain you until the end. I must say that I really loved the chemistry of Nick & Amandla and their acting was really good. Also, the film invested more on the romance part which is actually a come-one for teenagers out there. Plot-wise, the movie is generally light and easy-to-digest. I also like some creative interpretations of scenes during the SMS conversations of Olly and Maddy. For me, there is not to hate about the film. It made me smile until the end. I also love the part when Maddy & Olly escaped their comfort zones and went to the beautiful island of Hawaii. Narration was on-point too and was necessary at most parts. For those fans of teenage romantic films, you might love this movie.


In as much as there is charm and chemistry for both actors, Everything Everything failed to connect with me nor engage me at most part of the scenes. As a whole, I felt an emotional disconnection with the story line and its talented characters. I think they have invested more on the romance part which is actually good for some audiences but for an audience like me, I was hungry for that intensity and engrossed feeling. The plot gave way to explain Maddy’s disease but when Olly came into the picture, there were less build up on its main plot. If there was a good build up, it should somehow reflect affection to the characters. At some point, it lacks substance. Nevertheless, it is still enjoyable to watch.


6/10 Popcorns

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