Maria (2019)




When a former Black Rose cartel assassin deliberately betrays them by refusing to complete her mission, the cartel orders her execution. Unknown to them, she fakes her own death and is able to create a new life of her own. When the cartel discovers she is alive, the hunter becomes the hunted as she fights to get revenge on those who took her new life away from her. This movie is directed by Pedring Lopez under Viva Films.

CAST: Cristine Reyes, Germaine De Leon, Adrea del Rosario, Ronnie Lazaro, Johnny Revilla, Cindy Miranda, Freddie Webb, Guji Lorenzana, Jennifer Lee & KC Montero.

GENRE: Action, Thriller


Maria is truly one of the breakthrough Action Films after Buybust. I really admire the effort and the creativity poured in making this film. What I like about Maria is the fact that it was consistent with its R-16 content. Violent. Brutal. Gory. Anything you expect from its plot full of killings & betrayal is laid down very well. True to its premise, Maria is a complete bloodbath showcasing impressive and well-executed man-to-man fight scenes and some pretty amazing stunts & Cinematography. Well, I really adore the fight scenes between Cristine & Jennifer & Ivan & Cristine. These scenes are truly one of the film’s strengths. Aside from solid stunts & fight scenes, the plot of the movie is also relatable as it tackled drug syndicates and assassins in the Philippine setting. The Sequences were presented well and the Conflict of the whole story was justified from beginning to end. What I like about Maria is the fact that the whole film really invested on Production Design & Action Sequences. I didn’t see any cringe-worthy scenes at all. Well, the drama of loss was injected well to fire up Maria’s revenge plot. I must say, I admire Cristine Reyes for this role. She was born for this. She was a perfect fit. I couldn’t think of anyone who could portray MARIA other than her. Her action scenes were natural and were executed seamlessly.  Ivan Padilla & KC Montero were effective villains. Oh! I must say that their English Conversations were just so lovely to watch on screen. At some point, I can imagine watching a Hollywood movie. Their actions scenes were also great. Freddie Webb was also good on his portrayal as the Master Villain even with the absence of action scenes from him. Overall, MARIA is something we could truly be proud of. How I wish many more audience could watch this movie. Wait, its R-16 by the way.


It may be a little bit similar to other Hollywood Movies with the Revenge plot formula but I must say that MARIA was able to put a Pinoy taste as a whole. The whole movie is graphically-disturbing thus the R-16 Rating.



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Darkroom somehow delivers. A risk on Pinoy’s first ever found-footage film.




Darkroom is the first ever mainstream found footage film ever produced by any Filipino Filmmaker. The film follows a story of teenage friends who found themselves on an abandoned house for some ghost hunting activity. After watching a video from a camera they found inside the house, horrific events began to unfold. Darkroom is produced by Viva Films under the direction of  Pedring Lopez.

Casts: Ella Cruz, Bret Jackson, AJ Muhlach, Donnalyn Bartolome, Andrew Muhlach, Rose Van Ginkel, Caleb Santos, Samantha Capulong & Jack Reid.

Genre: Documentary, Horror, Suspense

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The risk of Viva Films to finally produce the first ever found-footage film generally delivers to be a decent addition in the genre. For me, it is even better from the 2016 Blair Witch movie (Check Review HERE). Setting aside that is a local film, Darkroom has played well on the major elements of the genre. The movie started off with an intriguing introduction followed by some candid moments of the characters while going to the haunted place to set-up the film’s mood. The phase was just right. What’s great about the movie is it utilized different camera angles from the characters’ cellphones, video cameras, Go Pro and even CCTV cameras from public establishments. Well, for this kind of genre, the horrible part usually takes long to occur. But in Darkroom, the tension slowly builds up the moment they entered the house. I loved also the disconnection effects of the cameras to somehow support the found-footage formula. They were some eerie and decent scares along the way. It was both creepy and bloody. Saw some unexpected and hair-raising scenes as well. Lots of gory scenes to watch out. At some point, I did close my eyes. The film took risk as well in casting fresh faces in the industries. Majority of them are Viva Artists. I must say that Viva did a great job in training the casts. Acting-wise, I am generally satisfied. Aside from the fact that they are all charming especially Jack Reid (the brother of James Reid), all of them have delivered their respective roles. Overall, the film was good. I became proud of it actually. It may not be as scary as hell as it should be but the film was able to send chills while watching it. Considering its a found-footage film, I expected the scary scenes to be cut-short. And in all fairness, Darkroom executed all the scenes well.


Well, they could have chosen a bigger and creepier house that is located in a remote area. The house did not feel abandoned amd secluded since it has neighbors on it. Also, production design needs improvement as well. This is vital in adding to the film’s dark theme. Some lines are cheesy and inappropriate too.


7/1o Popcorns