2017 · Pinoy Indie

Loving every frame and details of the story. 2 Cool 2 Be 4Gotten is not your ordinary coming-of-age film.




Felix, in his sophomore years, found his love for journal writing as his outlet from disappointments in life. His life changed after the arrival of the half-American Snyder brothers, entangling him in their dark ambitions. This Cinema One Originals is directed by Petersen Vargas.

Casts: Khalil Ramos, Ethan Salvador, Jameson Blake & Ana Capri

Genre: Romance, Drama


2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten has effectively interpreted Homosexuality and Friendship into a much deeper meaning. The film is generally mature and conservative as it does not follow the formula of other coming-of-age Pinoy Gay Films produced in the past. What is good about the movie is that its subtle phase, cooler feel and tone, controversial plot, on-point cinematography and some pretty good acting performances from all characters blended well to come up with a very emotionally-engaging and charming masterpiece. It may go in darker tone as the story progresses but the film’s sequence and build up of tension is just right to give way to a lingering and a bit shocking ending that will truly stir your emotions and imaginations as well. I loved the concept of narration on majority of scenes. These were helpful on the creative side. The sequence and scenes are panned out well. loved the film’s color and texture too. The film is also consistent with its timeline. Shot in the 1990’s in Pampanga right after the Mt. Pinatubo eruption. Character build-up was also good. Each characters in the film are given justice and time to shine. The film’s strength lies in its 3 main characters that are truly eye-candy to watch. Khalil as Felix, being the senior actor, has done an impressive portrayal of a naive, discreet, curious and intelligent boy who is in his journey to discover his true gender. Khalil’s performance was powerful. he was just fit for the role. On the otherhand, newcomers Jameson and Ethan were great support too and they too were impressive on their respective roles. Jameson was effective in being a violent, stubborn and hard-headed boy. His controversial scene in the movie is just unforgettable. Ethan was also a revelation. in the movie. He was impressive in terms of acting too. Just like Jameson, Ethan also has a charm and a talent. The movie makes me wanna compare it to Thai Gay ones that are conservative in nature. For me, the best Pinoy Gay coming-of-age film that will truly glue you from beginning to end.


Watch out for some profanity in language and obscene acts not suitable for younger audience. By the way, this is R16 in Cinemas.


10/10 Popcorns.

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