Predictable & disturbing. Friend Request manage to deliver despite its flaws.




Friend Request is a Simon Verhoeven movie about Laura, a popular college girl, who is very active on social media and shares almost everything in her life with her 800+ friends on Facebook. However after accepting a friend request from an unknown girl named Marina, Laura becomes obsessed with Marina’s profile, and soon her friends begin to die violently one by one. This is under Seven Pictures Film.

Casts: Alycia Carey, William Moseley, Connor Paolo, Brit Morgan, Brooke Markham & Sean Marquette

Genre: Suspense, Horror, Violence


A lot better than Unfriended. Friend Request is not your ordinary B-House movie. Aside that it is very much inclined on the trend nowadays, the movie has impressed me in terms of its scare factors and production design. The movie invested on social media specifically Facebook addiction formula that all of us can generally relate with. What’s great about the film is that it managed to pull off some pretty solid and disturbing jump-out scares that are mostly unique. It tried to ventute another aspect of the horror genre incorporating online activity with demonic and witch craft. I loved how the Director played with various elements such as mirrors, shadows and a lot more interesting symbols. The movie had me some decent screams actually. It is gory, bloody and most of all scary. Generally, it is disturbing. I loved the phasing and the execution of the death sequences. Aside from that, the movie is acted well. The cast  was able to justify their roles. Coming from a not-so-known Director, it is really impressive to see this kind of film surface the Hollywood scene. Its not pretty bad. For me, it is even a lot better to some widely-released flicks. Worth-watching with friends. Enjoy some decent screams. If you are for some scare, Friend Request is perfect for you.


Somehow the film is predictable. Well, you can say that the format and formula used is primarily the same of that Hollywood Horror films. At some point, you can predict the ending too.


8/10 Popcorns.

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