Fifty Shades of Grey


Alert: My Review is Rate R18. And there is Fifty Shades of Grey. You can look into this controversial film in two faces. One: If you are activist of woman abuse and some sort of conservative, you may actually dislike the film. Aside from is R-18 kind of scenes, you may find FSOG sensitive enough to depict a kind of sexual abuse especially with women. Two: Actually, this is a bold movie adaptation from a blockbuster book that sold millions worldwide. Its not your ordinary Twilight Saga thing. Its deep. Sensual. Complicated. Erotic. I may not have read the book but I guess they have interpreted it enough. Of course, minus the blur moments. Guess, you have to be mature enough for you to fully understand and even appreciate the film. Its official. I am Michael Andrew Steel. Haha! I enjoyed it. 4 stars out of 5.