Ghost Bride




Mayen is a Filipino Chinese woman who decided to sacrifice everything for her family. She ended up accepting an odd offer of “Ghost Marriage” from Madame Angie Lao. She then faced the consequences of this agreement that threatens her life and the life of her loved ones as well. This movie is directed by Chito Rono under Star Cinema.

Casts: Kim Chiu, Matteo Guidicelli, Christian Bables, Ina Raymundo, Alice Dixson, Robert Sena, Beverly Salviejo, Mon Confiado & Kakai Bautista.

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Drama


In terms of overall Cinematography and Production design, Ghost Bride exceeded its expectation to effectively interpret an old Chinse Tradition and successfully inject horror and mystery in it. The movie is truly a breakthrough film in Pinoy Horror industry with its creative approach to an ancient tradition shot in beautiful color grading, featuring real Chinese temples and depicting accurate Chinese traditions. I really love the Cinematography of the movie specifically the first part. Sound engineering is also good. What I like about their Production design is its consistency with the Chinese culture plus a very affecting interpretation of poverty within the identified cultural background. The scenes in the Nepal temple with real monks are just so majestic and very impressive for a Pinoy movie. I have to commend Direk Chito on that. What I also like about Ghost Bride is its creative utilization of the cultural elements in the scary scenes. Its like you are watching a Chinese Horror movie shot in the Philippines. Acting-wise, the movie has some of PH’s finest actors and actresses. Kim Chiu is impressive in the film. I can see a big improvement with her acting skills specially in a horror movie. Matteo, Ina, Beverly, Robert and Kakai were good support as well. I really like Alice Dixson’s role in the film. She was an effective Chinese match-maker too. Overall, Ghost Bride is a good movie but its not Star Cinema and Direk Chito Rono’s best in the genre.


Somehow, expectations are high for Direk Chito Rono especially that I am personally disappointed with his latest Feng Shui 2. Unfortunately, Ghost Bride fails to impress and even scare me despite its superb Production design and depiction of the ancient Chinese Culture of a Ghost Marriage. First of all, I feel like that the plot was put into waste. It started with a good premise about poverty that lead to some decisions that will change Mayen’s life. As the movie progresses, it loses grip through unnecessary and ineffective horror sequences that could have been better with a darker and much creepier execution and weak character build-up and focus as the story unfold its mysteries. Also, the plot lacks enough excitement since its a little bit stretched with some scenes and it lacks the intensity required on majority of the horror sequences. Aside from that, the visual editing on some of the scary scenes especially the climax is a bit goofy instead of scary. Its too CGI-ish at some point that it will lose your interest and even your anticipation of being scared at all. How I wish they could have turned around their interpretation of hell or purgatory in the climax. Ghost Bride somehow disappoints in being a Star Cinema Horror masterpiece. If you are in for some popcorn horror fun, the movie might please you.


6.5/10 Popcorns.

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