Pinoy Indie

Ang Babaeng Humayo (2016)


Ang Babaeng Humayo is a whirlwind of emotions, realism, moral study and great performances from Charo, John Lloyd, Nonie and many more. This melodrama Indie film masterpiece of Lav Diaz is truly a Pinoy pride as it bagged the Golden Lion for Best Picture during the 73rd Venice International Film Festival this September. I am new to having movie reviews for Indie films but I welcome this film as my first under the Pinoy Indie Category. The 3.5-hour movie will bring you to a whole new perspective of some of society’s evils lurking in every corner of this society. With the focus of redemption for the main chatacter, the film will open our eyes to a lingering sorrow present in our society (Poverty & Crime). The film is heavy, symbolic and thought-provoking. Lad Diaz was able to utilize his single-angle frame approach on every scene and the dramatic effect of black and white as a whole. It may bore those mainstream movie review fans hungry for dynamism but for technicalities sake, Ang Babaeng Humayo is a gem of PH Indie Cinema Genre. Technically, will give it 5/5 stars. As considering a standpoint of general audience, I will give 3.5/5 stars.