Horrifying. Disturbing. Riveting. Hacksaw Ridge delivers to be one of its genre’s best.




Hacksaw Ridge is an extraordinary  true story account of Desmond Doss during the bloodiest battle of World War II. Desmond saved 75 men without firing or carrying a gun. He was the only American Soldier in WWII to fight in front of enemy lines without a weapon. Hacksaw Ridge is written by Robert Schenkkan & Andrew Knight under the direction of Mel Gibson from Summit Entertainment.

Casts: Andrew Garfield, Richard Pyros, Jacob Warner, Milo Gibson, Vince Vaughn, Darcy Bryce, Hugo Weaving & Rachel Griffiths.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama , Violence (R)


Hacksaw Ridge has effectively mixed superb yet disturbing graphics into the story’s heroic theme. By far, one of the best in terms of the genre as it depicted long action sequences with impressive production design and vivid interpretation of war. Gibson has faithfully incorporated all elements of a typical World War II warzone and has done pretty well in terms visually-disturbing scenes that will surely haunt you after. Thats the beauty of it. Gibson has shown us the horror. From that technique, the film was able to support well the character of Desmond and his moral beliefs. I believe that Hacksaw Ridge was faithful to its “based on true story formula” and was able to affect its audience to be inspired too despite its violent theme. The film’s phase was well-organized. The back story of Desmond was explained well. The film’s production setting and visual editing is commendable. I salute the brilliant minds who made the war scenes as precise as it should be. Cheers to its powerhouse cast lead by Andrew Garfield. For me, this is Andrew Garfield’s best performance so far and I wouldn’t be shocked if he will get awards for this. The film has brought the actor in him after some nice guy thing in Spiderman. In as much as the movie could have been melodramatic, it was just right for me since the overall material do not need war decorations. Truly, a righthful tribute not only to Desmond but those brave souls who have fought in the enemy lines during the WWII.


The ending tribute could have been better I think. Neverthless, it doesn’t have a major bearing for me.


10/10 stars.

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