Haunted Mansion


Regal Films finally regained their Horror reputation with Haunted Mansion. I actually enjoyed this MMFF Entry with some pretty solid jump-out scares and gory scenes that are quite impressive of a Pinoy film. The film is truly a masterpiece as it boast good production design and cinematography. Musical scoring was also good. Good choice for the Mansion by the way as the setting. This time, Regal Films deviated from adding goofy scenes and invested on dark atmosphere and serious straight horror formula. Gone are the SRR days actually. It may be a risk but putting in some young teen stars worked well. Janella Salvador showed her best acting abilities and did not disappoint in the film. Marlo and Jerome were able lead men as well. Other cast were a good support. I so love the female bullies in the film. Horror sequences were delivered with a punch. Flashback scenes were justified well. Haunted Mansion may contain some of Hollywood’s Horror cliché but this was for me one of the best Pinoy horror film to date. As a Horror fan, I am satisfied. 5/5 stars.