How to be Single


Surprisingly good, hilarious and heartwarming at the same time. How to be Single is a good addition to the feminist romcom flicks that was able to pull out some witty conversations and kept the audience interested and entertained throughout the film. Liberated as it may seem but the film touched some soft parts when it comes to being single, hooking up with someone, being in complicated relationships, moving on and finding the right romantic partner in life. The film’s web plots of pretty relatable scenarios in life make it more appealing to its viewers. Dakota, Rebel, Alison & Leslie did well with their characters. Rebel Wilson did not disappoint with her humor. Song choices were also good. I enjoyed the film. It made us appreciate the state of being single at times. For me, highly recommended to everyone who is currently single and finding themselves anywhere else. You might catch yourself laughing and relating the scenes to your life the entire film. 5/5 stars.