Sully is narrative of the Miracle at Hudson River where 155 passengers on-board US Airways Flight 1549 miraculously survived the water landing in one of aviation history’s extraordinary aircrash investigation account last June of 2009. And yes, I loved the film. I loved the way Eastwood narrated the untold piece of this worldwide worthy-news that inspired millions. The interpretation of the accident was so precise. Moreover, the story after the crash and during the investigation was given justice as well in the film. Glad to see the after story of this miraculous event that the world will forever remember. Aside from its impressive narration, Tom Hanks justified the role of the Hero – Captain Sully
Himself. Hanks was at his normal best. Truly inspiring and lifting. For those hungry for some airplane actions, Sully is not your film as it focuses more on the story behind. But hey, its still good. 4/5 stars.