I Love You to Death


Watched I Love You To Death with very low expectations as I believe it would be another non-sense Pinoy flick but ended loving the film afterwards. This is surely the best Pinoy Horror-comedy after D’Anothers & Bulong in terms of Cinematography & Production design. Yes, Regal Films invested on quite impressive visual take on this film. Well, it is evident on its recent flick, Haunted Mansion. Comedy was good. Kiray was the star. Her performance made me loved her even more. Enchong was in his craft too. Their chemistry was also good. Loved the supporting characters as well. They were all given moments to shine in the film. The mix of horror was great. Death scenes are a bit gory than goofy as a whole. Well, it is generally non-sense but this surely will make you laugh and scare you a little. 3/5 stars.