2017 · Pinoy Indie

I felt a disconnection with Sakaling hindi makarating




A devastated Cielo wen on travelling around the Philippines after her boyfriend for 11 years break off their engagement two months before their wedding. When a series of hand-illustrated postcards are delivered to her, she went on a journey across the country in search of the anonymous writer. Aside from healing herself from the break-up, Cielo aims to find something as she go wandering the beautiful places in the Philippines. Written and directed by Ice Idanan.

Casts: Alessandra de Rossi, Teri Malvar, JC Santos & Pepe Herrera

Genre: Romantic, Drama


Filipinos loved stories about heartbreak and the process of moving on. We even find it more fascinating if that involves travel or the find-yourself-in-another-place kind of storyline. Sakaling Hindi Makarating is the film for you. Started off with a very organized and somehow predictable plot, the movie will focus on the journey of Cielo in the process of healing and finding the author of the post card. I loved the little bits of flashback focusing on the backstory of the heartbreak. I also loved the conversations. It was made in a subtle way with very simple words that pierced through your heart at times. When Cielo started travelling, this is the part where the film found its strength. The movie was able to feature 5 different places in PH namely Zamboanga, Batanes, Marinsique, Siquijor & Ilocos (Pagudpud). Glad to be with 3/5 places in the film during my personal travels. For me, the film is very relatable at many points. Aside from that, I loved how Tourism has somehow shown in the film as well. Alessandra de Rossi was the star of the film. She was just amazing. Her acting was real and consistent. The addition of Teri, Peppe & JC were also vital in the movie. They all did a great job. Cinematography is superb. Loved the canera angles especially the drone shots. The movie is inspiring. Glad to have travelled 3 out of the 5 featured places in the movie: Pagudpud in Ilocos, Siquijor Island & Zamboanga City.


The greatest weakness of the movie is the disconnection I felt as a whole. I was never emotionally moved as I expected it to be or ¬†perhaps the message of the movie didn’t reach me as well. It maybe as inspiring and beautiful especially on the travel side but Sakaling Hindi Makarating lacks flavor and spices. I did not find justice in the ending and the turning point. Moreover, I wish they could have spent more time in Siquijor. I have been to that island and it was magical. Also, the places Cielo have been were not utilized well to set emotions and realizations. It was too vague for me. They could have use more angles on sunsets, winds and waves and highlight the emotion the character is undergoing. I felt the disconnection on those aspects. The realization left me hanging and I felt that the character deserve it. I can’t somehow find the significance of her travels until the last credits. Watching it with low expectations will help a lot.


6.5/10 Popcorns.

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