Imagine You and Me


Imagine You and Me is one of the rare RommComms that might be too conventional & conservative but surely targeted a soft spot in its audience and the die-hard Aldub Fans. Captivating and beautifully crafted as it feature the wonderful and romantic place of Italy. Cinematography was awesome. Loved the Setting and camera angles. More than the visual glamour, fans will be pleased with how Direk Mike played with comedy and romance from the tried and tested Alden & Maine formula alongside with talented casts namely Kakai, Cai, Irma & Jasmine Curtis. Well, we can somehow forgive Maine’s acting especially on dramatic scenes here but she surely did improve a lot. Alden is still at his best. As a loveteam, they both matured for IYAM. It may still a little bit of pabebe but majority of the scenes will put smile into your face. Conflict could have been deep but I guess it does not affect on the film’s general cinematic ambiance – a feel-good Romantic-Comedy film. The ending is Gaahhhhhh! As an Aldub Fan, I will give it 5/5 stars. As a hobbyist movie reviewer, I will give it 4/5 stars