Falling in love all over again for Coron Island

Point of Origin: Davao-Manila-Busuanga and VV (Via Air)

Travel Dates: February 3 – 7, 2017

Quoted for 9 PAX from February 3 – 6, 2017 & 3 PAX for February 6 – 7, 2017.

Basically, all ATR flights are situated in NAIA Terminal 4. That applies for Cebu Pacific which is our official plane to and from Manila to Busuanga (Coron). The key is always to watch out for Promo Fares as Coron flights can really go up high sometimes.

Coron Island is a wedge-shaped limestone island in the Palawan Province which has several lakes, beautiful beaches, natural coral reef gardens, amazing limestone formations and even shipwrecks from World War II. Coron is the largest town on the island. The municipality covers part of Busuanga Island and all of the nearby Coron Island. Both islands are part of the Calamian Group of Islands in northern Palawan. Approximately, Coron is 1.5 hours away from Manila via air. Visit CEBU PACIFIC, PAL, AIR ASIA & SKYJET Websites for list of available flights.


We arrived in Coron, Palawan on February 3, 2017, at around 3PM. Since we are 9 pax in the group, it is better that we arranged Van Pick-up from our Official Hotel in the island – Palanca Guest House. Visit their website HERE. The hotel is located at Don Pedro Street and is very much accessible to the town. Its near the Jump-off Port of all tours in the island and very near to the Coron Bay walk if you want some street foods hopping and sunset viewing.

Back to our hotel, it was actually a great find. Google Reviews were right. Being a Local Google Reviewer too, I trust reviews on this site. Everything went smooth from inquiry, reservation, payment of advance fee down to the airport pick-up and on-ground reception. Yes, all hotels in Coron requires down payment. Here’s the breakdown of our Hotel Expenses quoted for 9 pax:

For 3 nights and 4 days (FEB. 3 to 6)
P 8,100 Family Room (5 pax)
P 3,600 Standard Room (2 pax)
P 3,600 Standard Room (2 pax)
For 1 night and 2 days (FEB. 6 to 7)
***6 of our friends went home already.
P 1,800 De Luxe Room (3 pax)
P 2,700 Round Trip Airport Transfer (P150/head per way)
Exclusion: All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner for the whole duration). Palanca Guest House offers Breakfast Set at P100 inclusive of Coffee or Juice.
GRAND TOTAL: P 19,800.00 (Palanca Guest House requires 10% Down payment prior final confirmation of the booking. You may settle it via BPI. For details, just contact the following numbers: 0917-500-5367/0908-821-6881/0939-9230171
Rooms are good. Amenities are great too. Staff is friendly as well. Check out my Review on them at GOOGLE. I just loved the proximity of the hotel to the Town proper. Anyways, we did not get in advance tours from the internet. We were advised by 2nd timers in our group to customize and look for private boat owners to save cost and control our own time in the tourist spots. We found FRANK, a tricycle driver, who as a contact of a private boatman. Frank is part of the boat;s crew too. (His number: 09287558248) After settling everything, we called it a DAY.
DAY 2 (February 4, 2017)
We started the beautiful day with a quick visit at Mt. Tapyas is 210 meters above sea level and is the 2nd highest mountain in Coron. It has a white cross at its tip making it easy to recognize from afar. It has approximately 720+ steps and roughly it will take you 20-30 minutes to climb this via stairs. Mt. Tapyas is the place that will give you a breathtaking and wonderful panoramic view of Coron Island. It is best visited during sunrise and sunset.
Aside from that, Mt. Tapyas is even lovelier on the other side.

Our Meeting time with our Private Boat Ride is at 8:30AM in the Coron Port. Since its customized, we will cover the following expenses:

  • BOAT Rental for Long Trip (Coron Island Escapade: Bulog, Banana & Malcapuya Island) = P5,500.00 (FOR DAY 1)
  • FOOD/RICE Expenses, Drinks & Light Snacks (for Lunch of 9 pax): P2,500.00 (We will personally shop at the market as early as 6AM that same day. The boatmen will accompany you in the market so you can know how the negotiation works). The budget also includes condiments and charcoal for cooking. The charge for cooking is already included the boat package.
  • ENTRANCE FEES to the 3 Beaches (for 9 pax): P150/each for Bulog & P200/each for Banana & Malcapuya) = P500 x 9 pax = P4,500.00
  • EXCLUDED: Use of Snorkeling Gears: P150/day

Our first stop is BULOG ISLAND. It is approximately 2 hours way from Coron Proper and the ride is a bit wavy since you will be crossing the Open sea portion. Nevertheless, our rented boat is big enough so its not that scary. During the duration of the trip, the boatmen started to grill our lunch and prepare our food too.

Upon arrival to Bulog Island, we were welcome with lovely and crystal water beach and wonderful sand-bar. BULOG island just formally welcomed us in the beautiful island in Coron. Possible activities in the island are mostly swimming and picture-taking only.

Entrance Fee in Bulog is at P150/each. Right after our beautiful dip with Bulog island, we head to Banana Island which is just 5 minutes away for our LUNCH. Banana Island is more of a stop over for Lunch but still offers a great view of Coron. Though, I didn’t like their sand that much. Entrance Fee is P200/head. We also settled our Bulog Entrance Fee here.  The Entrance Fee is already inclusive of all cottages available in the island.

Our favorite time of the day – LUNCH! The beauty of customizing your own trip is that you can include all your cravings. GAAAHHH! This is heaven.


I can settle with this kind of view everyday…


Swimming is also the main activity here in the island. After some lunch and beach time in Banana Beach, we head to the last destination of our Coron Island Escapade Tourc- the Malcapuya Island. Its 15 minutes away from Banana and Entrance Fee is P200.00. You can also try Snorkeling here via holding in the pump boat or enjoy the island’s amazing seashore. The best among the 3 islands so far.

You can also enjoy Fresh Buko juice here in the island for P50.00.

It was a great Day 1 of our Coron Escapade. We ended our day tour at around 6 PM. We went home tired yet very rewarding. It was such a pleasure to finally set foot in this beautiful island.

Day 3 (February 5, 2017)

On the same boatmen, we availed the CORON ISLAND ESCAPADE Tour which includes Siete Pecados, Kayangan Lake, Atuwayan Beach, Skeleton Wreck, Coral Reef Garden & Twin Lagoon. This is the nearest set of tours for Coron and the most popular as this set of tours contain the tourist spots that made Coron famous not only in the Philippines but worldwide as well.

For Day 2, we have the following expenses:

  • P3,500.00 (Boat Rental for the Coron Island Escapade Tour Set, inclusive of cooking our lunch and preparing our snacks)
  • P2,500.00 (Budget for food and snacks) Same routine as yesterday. Our boatmen will assist us in the market.
  • Entrance Fees (Quoted each pax): Siete Pecados (P100), Kayangan Lake (P300), Atuwayan Beach (P100), Skeleton Wreck (P100), Coral Reef Garden (P100) & Twin Lagoon (P200). Grand Total of: P8,100.00 (for 9 pax).

Since Day 2 is mostly Snorkeling and Swimming, it is advisable to bring or rent our Snorkeling gears and goggles for this.

First stop, Siete Pecados. Main Acticity here is Snorkeling. Hmm. So many dead corals here but it still offers a good view. Entrance Fee here is at P100.

Second stop is Kayangan Lake which is one of the Top 2 most famous tourist spots in Coron, Island after Twin Lagoon. This spot is 10-15 minutes away from Siete Pecados.

Kayangan Lake can be reached via a tiring trek. You have to survived a steep portions of ricks while going up. Some steps are also slippery. Half-way through the Lake is the famous viewing deck for such a very wonderful view of the place. The viewing deck also has a cave. Entrance Fee is P300.00 It is the most expensive spot in the island based on its Entrance Fee. But hey, every penny is worth-it.


I fell in love in the water of Kayangan Lake. The place is just magical. Its like one of the cleanest public lake available for swimming. They have a bamboo raft too. You can also try snorkeling the are and if you are brave enough, go explore some of its caves surrounding the lake. One of top favorite spot in the island indeed.

Our Third stop is our most favorite – LUNCH TIME! We head to Atuwayan Beach which is 10-15 minutes away from Kayangan Lake. Aside from its a stop over for lunch only, there is noting special here. They have a nice beach and shore though.

Well, the beauty of customizing your own trip still means a very abundant lunch. On Day 2, we had more fishes on the menu. After an hour, we headed straight to Twin Lagoon.

Twin Lagoon is another 10-15-minute ride from Atuwayan Beach. Entrance Fee is at P200. Upon arriving at the area, we immediately fell in love with crystal clear water and very nice rock formations. Swimming is the primary activity here and if you are brave enough to pass through a cave to get to the other side of the lake, this place is for you.

Entrance Fee is at P200.00 The water in Twin Lagoon is a mixture of cold and hot water. Its actually uneven at most parts. When on your snorkeling gears, you can see below that the water is so deep. Others who are skilled and brave enough, they pass through the other side of the lake by holding their breath and swimming under a pile of rock. Some tourists endure the stairs which is actually hard to climb too.

After a very wonderful Twin Lagoon experience, we went to the Shipwreck Coral Garden. I am a bit disappointed in this area because the shipwreck is not so clear. Thanks to these friendly fished who made our stay in the area, worth-while. Entrance Fee is at P100.00


Our last stop was the Coral Reef Garden which somehow saved us from our disappointment with the previous coral garden we have visited. Entrance Fee here is P100.00 At least, we saw some good corals. This is better compared with the corals of Siete Pecados.

And that ends our Day 2 of our Coron Island Escapade. We had so much fun. It was so rewarding and the memories we’ve built this day were priceless. I even fall in love more with Coron after Day 2.

Day 3 (February 6, 2017)

Since 6 of our companions are scheduled to fly out this day, only 3 of us are left to continue the Coron Tour. Due to limited number, we decided to join a mixed tour. This time, we chose the Tour which includes: East Tangat Wreck, Pass Island, Lusong Gun Boat & Lusong Reef Garden. We booked under JY Travel and Tours at a Package Rate of P1,200 per head inclusive of Lunch and all applicable Entrance Fees. Since this is mostly water activities in nature, we have rented out snorkeling gears for our Day 3 Tour. Well, there are so many tour operators in the island and all prices are regulated by the Government so you won;t have a hard time finding one.

Our tour started at exactly 9AM. First stop is the East Tangat Wreck which is an hour away from Coron City Proper.

It is just so amazing to finally see a sunken Japanese Warship for the very first time. At least, a clearer view compared with our Day 2 Tour. This area is also ideal for Scuba Diving. After 30 minutes, we moved with our next destination and our lunch stop-over, the Pass Island.

Pass Island is another 1-hour journey from East Tangat Ship Wreck. Upon arriving from the island, we fell in love with the place. The 2-hour travel is worth it. Seashore is nice and water is very clean. I loved also the Lunch area. Aside from enjoying the beautiful island, they also have a nice coral reef garden which I enjoyed so much.

After some wonderful time in the island, we head to Lusong Gun Boat. Its another shipwreck in Coron Island.

The Lusong Gun Boat is the best shipwreck spot I have seen in the island. Aside from its very clear and near view from above, the Boat is beautifully surrounded with corals and variety of fishes. A few meters away is the Lusong Coral Reef Garden.


The Lusong Coral Reef Garden is the best Reef Garden I have visited in Coron. The view below is just amazing. Awesome Creation of God indeed.

We ended the Day 3 Tour with happy hearts. It was tiring but it was priceless. I never imagined to be at awe most of the time we visit one place to another. Truly, CORON has captured my heart.

OVERALL RATING FOR CORON: 10/10 Stars (Worth-coming back many times)


The island is truly best traveled with a crazy bunch. Thank you guys for such a wonderful and memorable time with you!


It may be long but hope you find my blog worth-reading. Keep on sharing guys. Gracias!