2017 · Pinoy Indie





12 is a story of Anton and Erika, a couple who has been together for 12 years. The story will evolve into their lives as they struggle to cope up with various problems and hurdles in their relationship especially living together in one roof. 12 is directed by Dondon Santos under Viva Films.

Casts: Alessandra de Rossi, Ivan Padilla

Genre: Romantic, Drama

Previous Movie of Alessandra de Rossi: Kita Kita (2017)


12 took a lot of risk in its storytelling and cinematography. For me, the risk was worth it. What I like about the movie is its bold approach in investing more from a conversational formula alongside a secluded setting and a very relatable conflict material specifically made for long-term couples undergoing certain issues in their relationship. It is just raw and affecting. Raw in the sense that the conflict material is their. Also, there were less backstory hence the Director focused on two tones of the story only – the ups and downs of the relationship of Anton & Erika. What I even like is how creatively the director set the two phases of their lives through cinematic tones and production setting. Moreover, conversations are abundant yet there were all real and heartfelt. It was generally natural and raw to hear it straight from the two characters. You can easily see their emotions cutthrough effortlessly. Cinematography is impressive. I also love the timing of the Sound Engineering. There were no unnecessary flashbacks and the storyline is presented in a straightforward and on-point manner. Acting-wise, I am impressed with Alessandra and Ivan on this one. Alessandra gave a pure and raw acting performance. Ivan, despite the Fil-Am accent, was actually effective in his portrayal too. Both of them look good on-screen and chemistry is undeniably there. Overall, the movie may be melodramatic but it has some pinch of humor that flows effortlessly as the story goes by. What I love about 12 is that it brings us to a deeper understanding of some of the issues a long-term couple are experiencing. What is most admirable is the lesson it tries to impart its viewers in terms of respect and love for both ourselves and towards others. I just loved the simplicity and realism shown in the movie. For me, 12 delivered.


Somehow it will really disappoint lots of viewers especially if they are expecting the story to be dynamic such as Kita Kita and the like. A big portion of some of the disappointments of the audience are largely attributed to comparing the movie from others too. Therd is no point of comparison because the movie delivered enough justice with the demand of its plot and phasing. Well as I said, watch 12 with your own risk. For me, the risk is worth it.


8/10 Popcorns.

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