Why Him is either funny or nonsense with a little pinch…




Ned finally met the Silicon Valley billionaire boyfriend of his daughter during their family visit at Stanford. Ned’s impression of Laird is not that good and he thinks he is inappropriate with daughter. Being an overprotective father, Ned finds want to convince her daughter to reconsider pursuing relationship with Laird. This is written and directed by John Hamburg.

Casts: James Franco, Bryan Cranston, Zoey Deutch, Megan Mullally

Genre: Comedy, Romance (Rated R)


Why Him is a good addition to a bit tiring father-fiance movie in Hollywood offering fresh comedy and a story that made sense in a decent piece of the pie. The plot is easy to follow and is very relatable. I loved how the Director played with a billionaire lover turned family-pleaser formula. The storyline has effectively build up the right amount of conflict in the movie. Major scenes might be very monotonous in setting but it offers a variation of exciting sequences with a mix of comedy, profanity and clever stuff that are all enjoyable and entertaining. No a dull moment in this film. Not to mention that the film is also inspiring especially that it touches family relationships. Emotions are downplayed but the lesson it imparts is visibly seen in most parts. James Franco is adorable. He just rocked his role as a billionaire and cocky dude. I also loved other casts like Zoey, Bryan and Megan who complimented very well with each other. For me, it has those effective gags and decent laughs that is good for a round of popcorn.


Well, the movie’s language is profane. The movie is not fit for younger audiences. It may be sensible at some parts but the movie is generally non-sense in its genre. Worth-watching once.


7.5/10 Popcorns

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