All of You

All of me


Gab and Gabby, two individuals who have strong opposing views on love and marriage, fall in love and agree to be in a committed relationship. As they hit their 3-year mark, the couple find themselves back to where they started as they asked themselves where their relationship is headed. All of You is directed by Dan Villegas under MJM Productions and Quantum Films.

Casts: Jennylyn Mercado, Derek Ramsay, Sam Milby, Solenn Heussaff, Yayo Aguila, Kean Cipriano, Nico Antonio, Enzo Marcos, Via Antonio, Hannah Ledesma, Kelvin Yu

Genre: Romance, Comedy


All of You is a movie that has raw emotions and intentions to its target audience. From the beginning, it is true to its intention to show a glimpse of a normal relationship and the struggles of the couple through simple yet striking scenes all throughout the movie. Moreover, the film will show the two sides of the coin for the audience to see different perspectives from each of the gender involved. All of You is a good mixture of Romance, Comedy and Drama geared towards a more direct approach in conflict setting. What I like about the movie is how the Director played well on conversations and pure emotions to convey pain and even happiness of the characters. The plot is simple however the moral lesson the movie is trying to impart is indeed deep and relevant. At some point, I can put my shoes to either Gab or  Gabby as they have presented well the demand of the conflict material. Overall, the movie is not suitable for younger audiences due to mature topics. Acting-wise, I am satisfied as usual with the Derek and Jennylyn tandem. Derek was the perfect fit for the role. He is just a great charmer and good actor as well. Jennylyn, on the other hand, was still at her best form. She was just natural and beautiful to watch on the big screen. What I like about All of You is the fact that it is a big improvement from all other Dan Villegas movies in the past.


Lowering your expectations for All of You might help you a bit. I didn’t fully like the ending though. Regardless of these forgivable flaws, I must say that All of You is still a good flick to watch this MMFF 2017!


8/10 Popcorns.

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Walang Forever


For me, no wonder why Walang Forever won the Best Picture for MMFF 2015. The film is a mirror of reality – a reality about love. Clichè as it may be coined but the word “walang forever” was given a whole new interpretation with maturity. Youngsters may aspire for this kind of status nowadays but the film showed depth as it presented a solid plot about selfless love, second chances & forgiveness. I recommend this film to shallow youngsters who have misconception about love. Other than a compelling storyline, Walang Forever’s strength lies with Jennylyn & Jericho itself. The two lead actors’ chemistry was really strong. I commend Jericho for being his best. Jennylyn was impressive as always. They both complimented well with each other. Their acting fits the demand of the story. Scenes were indeed relatable as it depicted norm of the society. It need not to have those striking lines for it to be so striking as the flow of the story will bring you to heartwarming realization that FOREVER really exist. Shed some tears along the way. For me, the best Pinoy ROMCOM Film to date. Hats off Dan Villegas on this.


Just the 3 of Us


What to expect from a Star Cinema Masterpiece in the hands of Cathy Garcia-Molina and Jennylyn’s acting prowess and John Lloyd’s ever dependable performance. Just the 3 of Us is all but a great RomComm movie to date of 2016. This feel-good movie blends in romance and comedy into one powerful punch and brings some cut-deep conversation and scenes very relatable to all of us. The storyline was presented well and was laid down with justifiable conflicts fit for the genre of the film. This R13 piece may contain some scenes not suitable for younger audiences but this film will definitely catch your heart. Jennyln delivered her normal best. John Lloyd is John Lloyd. Gaaah! Hangover feels pa sa kilig! 5/5 stars for me. Highly-recommended film.


The PreNup


The PreNup offers an adequate amount of romance and comedy that is mainly attributed to Jennyln’s charm and proven acting in Pinoy Romcom industry. Well, I even loved her even more on this film. Sam was a vital accessory though as they bring some on-screen chemistry with Jen. I just have a little problem on the way they establish the plot. Despite a rough and rush start, the film manages to survive with some notable performances and good laughs from Gardo V., Dominic O., Melai C & Jacklyn Jose. Generally relatable plot and characters, The PreNup is worth-watching once 🙂 3.5/5 stars.