After learning that a group of doctors were killed by super natural forces, Fathers Salvador and Benedicto will have their faith tested when they are tasked to perform an exorcism on a possessed woman named Clarita. Meanwhile, a photojournalist investigates the truth about Clarita’s possession and helps the two priests perform the exorcism. In their journey to help Clarita, they will encounter demonic obstacles that will prevent them from performing the exorcism. This movie is directed by Derick Cabrido under Black Sheep Films.

CAST: Jodi Sta. Maria, Ricky Davao, Arron Villaflor, Alyssa Muhlach, Yayo Aguila & Nonie Buencamino

GENRE: Horror, Mystery


Inspired by true events, Clarita invested on the fact that somehow it happened in the past and it can happen even up to now. Clarita benefits mostly on the impressive acting performance of Jodi Sta. Maria alongside with brilliantly-executed prosthetic & sound effects. This is very similar with Aubrey Miles’ Sanib in which the exorcism scene is really haunting & memorable. It has some pretty good jump out scares and some spine-chilling moments that is quite unique too. I really commend some transitions in the film. The director creatively played well in blending the present situation as it slowly transitions to the past. Clarita is one of those Pinoy Horror films you should be proud of.


Clarita’s storytelling is a bit messy & cluttered. How I wish the narrative content was given emphasis since we all wanted to know the real story of Clarita and her dark past. It did deliver some chilling moments but I think the whole movie is stretched. I expected so much considering that the story of Clarita is really a good material to begin with. For me, they haven’t utilized much the story line especially the back story. What is also lacking in the movie is the classic horror feels and the terrifying moments you should be feeling during the exorcism scenes. Though, I still must give it to Aubrey Mile’s SANIB on this one. But, Clarita is still a good flick after all.



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Dear Other Self is a movie for Millenials. Its light, relatable and very realistic.





Dear Other Self is a story about a woman Becky who takes on a journey that will help her find herself, in the hopes of achieving genuine happiness. She is currently at the crossroads of her life whether to choose responsibility or adventure. This movie is directed by Veronica Velasco under Star Cinema.

Casts: Jodi Sta. Maria, Xian Lim, Joseph Marco, Carla Martinez, Bodjie Pascual, Paul Salas, Elaine Ochoa

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance


The movie is very light-hearted and relatable in a sense that the material is also timely especially for Millennials out there. Dear Other Self is focuses on life-changing decisions in terms of career, responsibilities and the love for travel. What I like about the film is that the whole premise is actually an eye-opener for all Millennials who are confused on pursuing their careers and love for travel. Moreover, Dear Other Self will open your eyes to various factors to consider such as family and responsibility that are indeed vital to consider when making these kind of decisions in life. The strength of this movie is its foundation of strong family ties. I loved how the director gave value to Family which is really a fact especially for us Filipinos. Loved the inclusions of many scenes on the dining table. Those scenes were properly executed in a way that the characters can be able to fortify the film’s storyline especially when making decisions. The film’s strength also lies on its creative cinematography. I like how the director presented Two different options on all scenes. Its like 2 movies at the same time with different consequences. Truly, the movie has lived up to its title. Somehow, this is effective in showing the other side of the coin and raise questions to audience about their ”what ifs” in life. The setting was also great. I like how they utilized Thailand well in the movie. Shots in Thailand were great and superbly executed. Jodi Sta. Maria was impressive in the film too. I loved the consistency she has done in portraying two different perspective of herself. She is lovable in the film. Joseph Marco was also a goof compliment with Jodi. Compared with Xian Lim, I see a stronger chemistry with him and Jodi. Xian Lim on the other hand was also good though I prefer Joseph Marco here. Generally, the movie will give you a decent amount of comedy, romance, family drama and a tidbits of travel as well. Still, worth-watching.


In as much as I like the whole premise, but I still believe that it could have been better if they have done shots with more places other than Thailand. The movie is all about life-changing decisions on travel so it is just right to show variety of places in the world as well to show justice of the decision made by Becky in the film. That lack of variety made the film a little bit isolated too. On the part of character build up, I find it less with Xian Lim on this film. For the romantic build up, I loved the Joseph-Jodi tandem but build up was too fast and very unclear too. Regardless of this somehow forgivable flaws, Dear Other Self is indeed a Star Cinema masterpiece worth-watching.


7.5/10 Popcorns.

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Achy Breaky Hearts


| Hindi dahil mahal mo ako at mahal kita, okay na |

Jadaone proved herself again with another romcomm hit, The Achy Breaky Hearts. You can never go wrong with her creative plot and storyline, supported with great musical scoring & portrayed by one of PH’s finest actors & actresses. I loved the way the story was presented. It has organized the establishing part, the conflict and the realization very well. The narration thing was good also. The film won’t bore you as it engage you on the charm of its actors and a very friendly and conservative theme about being single & being in love. I saw Jodi at her best on this one. Loved the ending too. A feel-good movie that will leave you smiling even after getting out of the cinema. Worth-watching. Team Chinoy (Frank) here. 5/5 stars.