I love you Hater




Joko is a boy trying to help his family survive while Zoey is a girl hoping to prove herself to the world. Opportunity rises when Sasha is looking to hire a new personal assistant. Just one catch – they have to compete against each other! Will their own goals prevail, or will they set aside their differences and find true happiness and love in the end? This Star Cinema movie is directed by Giselle Andres.

Cast: Kris Aquino, Joshua Garcia, Julia Barreto, Ronaldo Valdez, John Estrada, Al Tantay, Gio Alvarez, Ricardo Cepeda, Mark Neumann, Marki Stroem, Manuel Chua, Alora Sasam, Albie Casino & Kat Galang.

Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


I Love You Hater all have the basic ingredients for you to love a “NORMAL” Kris Aquino Fab on-screen together with the natural chemistry of JOSHLIA too. I myself, was a fan of Joshua and Julia to begin with. The movie is generally light-hearted and very easy to digest. Typically, its a story of two individuals which roads met inside the empire of Sasha played by Kris Aquino herself. The whole Sasha thing was so Kris Aquino from beginning to end. What makes the story a little bit unique is that Joshua is pretending a gay person. The whole impersonation was really hilarious and impressive especially on the side of Joshua as an actor. He really delivered well. Julia on the other hand was still impressive especially on scenes requiring her acting prowess. Scenes were like a glimpse of how fab and grand Kris Aquino’s life is. Its like a Mega Production of Kris TV. Acting-wise, both Joshua and Julia delivered good acting performances. Aside being from her normal self, there are some impressive acting chops from Kris here. Overall, I enjoyed the movie.


So far, this is the lamest JOSHLIA film to date. It may contain everything you love about this love team and a decent amount of Kris Aquino Feels from production design to very fabulous scenes – I can’t help but see an outer icing of the cake only. Content and depth-wise, I felt that the movie was made for Kris Aquino’s comeback at the expense of JOSHLIA’s supposed-to-be quality masterpiece and output. Love You to Stars and Back was the turning point that JOSHLIA was in for some quality and thought-provoking projects. After watching I Love You Hater, I felt that there were under utilize and used for the movie to become big and rake huge in the box office. I hope we could see more meaningful projects for JOSHLIA. Star Cinema, PLEASE!


6/10 Popcorn

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All You Need is Pag-ibig


Walang pinipiling edad kapag nasaktan. Kapag nasaktan, nasaktan. Kapag ayaw na, ayaw na – The most striking statement from Nova Villa in All You Need is Pag-ibig. This film turns out to be better than I expected. Heartwarming and relatable. A feel-good and easy to digest film about the kinds of love we face everyday. The plot is truly a Jadaone-crafted one. The story and concept of love was presented and established well throughout the film. I love how the Director played with the connection of all the characters. No dull scenes for me. The cast was great as well. Hats off to Ronaldo & Nova on this one. The best kilig parts were also from Ian & Jodi who definitely delivered their best. Hoping to see more Ian & Jodi films in the future. Kris Aquino is Kris Aquino in this film. Overall, All You Need is Pag-ibig is far from being your average Romantic Film as it will bring genuine smiles on your faces when you go out the theater house. Cried some bucket on some scenes from Nova & Ronaldo 🙂 Worth-watching for both single and hopeless romantic. 5/5 stars.