Just The Way You Are


When we love, we always win. A very striking statement from a suprisingly great RomCom Film, Just the Way You Are topbilled by today’s hottest love team, LizQuen. Star Cinema & ABS-CBN striking-while-the-iron-is-hot formula worked well as it pulled off some great performances from Liza & Enrique. This predictable and shallow film may be a clichè but this one has some pinch-of-the-heart touch of family and a variety of romantic and cheesy ingredients. LizQuen’s chemistry is undeniably the film’s major strength. A feel-good movie with an easy-to-digest plot deserving for a popcorn with friends. Need not to dig down its cinematic flaws and some mainstream reviews. 5 stars for the film & 10 stars for Enrique’s topless scenes. Lol!