The Great Wall stood by the 2nd word of its movie title.





The Great Wall is a legendary film that narrates the story of an elite force making a courageous battle for humanity against the dark enemies in the world’s most iconic structure – The Great Wall of China. The movie is  also the largest film ever shot entirely in China. This is Written by Carlo Bernard, Doug Miro & Tony Gilroy under the Direction of Yimou Zhang under Universal Pictures.

Casts: Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe, Tian Jing & Andy Lau.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fictional (PG 13)

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The Great Wall is spectacle of impressive visual effects, great cinematography, superb and top-notch production design and weapons and some pretty good action sequences from beginning to end. What I loved about the film is that it played well on a fair ground in presenting Chinese culture and legends into a very understandable format. Aside from that, the film’s gigantic feels from props to manpower and casts made it even more realistic and historic as I must say. It was a good decision to add Matt Damon from an unfamiliar but very talented cast. Everyone in the film did great in their own portrayals. Action sequences are well-executed and there was never any dull moment in this 2-hour masterpiece. Death scenes are disturbing and scary too. The climax was also great. It is both visually-entertaining and thrilling as well. Hats off to the crew of The Great Wall. Loved the details of every frame and the surroundings as well.

What I don’t like?

Well, it could have been a little a bit cultural in tems of storytelling. A little depth on the history setting in the beginning could have made the film even better as a whole. But, the film still stood for me.


10/10 Popcorns

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The Martian


A very satisfying sci-fi thriller injected with intelligent humor, engaging sequences, compelling storyline and some superb acting performances from Matt Damon. The Martian is a lot better and lighter to digest than Gravity & Interstellar. Cinematography and visuals are great. Sound choices were mostly catchy and good also. This film need not to be that scientifically deep nor heavy to digest for it to become a huge space film. It is most of the time both endurable and enjoyable until the end. This film is a perfect example of human triumph against all odds and the fire to fight for survival and giving all hopes high despite difficult times. Truly, worth-watching. 5/5 stars.