Die Beautiful


Die Beautiful is a celebration of love and respect more than it is a film as it gave justice to the struggles and colorful lives of Transgenders and members of the LGBT as a whole. The movie is indeed heartwarming and inspiring as it focused on the realistic side that is generally relatable. I loved how the Director arranged the sequences and the moral lesson it is trying to impart to all of us. It may not be as wholesome as it should be for younger audiences but Die Beautiful will surely touch your heart and will tickle your emotions with striking scenes and engaging conversations. Well, the film’s major win is Paolo Ballesteros himself. I am just proud of what Paolo has achieved especially in acting. He is just a superstar in the making. I can’t point out any negative aspects of the film since even with absence of musical scoring on most scenes, the film was able to capture the emotions of both its actors & its audience. 5/5 stars.




Heavy. Creepy. Dark. Spine-chilling. Brilliantly-crafted. Thought-proviking. Seklusyon is a breakthrough MMFF 2016 entry and perhaps Erik Matti’s best so far. This film is actually the best Pinoy horror-mystery that may actually a bit heavy to handle but surely is worth the watch. Seklusyon tackled a controversial topic about Religion and Faith and presented it in a very creative and symbollic format. The fear of the film is felt not because of the scary faces but because of the eerie and realistic approach and interpretation about the demons that surround us. Acted by good performers and supported with a very impressive sound engineering, the movie will surely please those fans of quality films minus the overrated screams inside the cinema. Aside from that, the movie’s strength lies in the production design. I am pretty amazed on the setting as it gave justice for a period film set-up. Truly, a world-class Pinoy film worthy of an international screening. Expect less of the Pinoy horror you expect and be ready to be impressed with an interesting storyline very rare in Pinoy film-making industry. Perfect 5 stars for this.


Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 2


Better and sensible plot than its predecessor. Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 2: Forever is not enough never disappoints once again. If you are a fan of the first film, you will surely love this one. The story still evolve on the story of the well-established film producers but this time, they face a new challenge. I loved how the Director played with the real-life role of Eugene Domingo and the struggles of the film producers to please her considering a variety of factors. This time, the film found sense into one of the character’s back story. Also, the story shows metaphor of mainstream rommcomms nowadays. Aside from its tried and tested comedy formula, the film’s strength lies into its creative cinematography and engaging conversations and sequences. Not entirely spectacular nor inspiring but still a good movie to watch. Loved the characters too. By the way, Eugene’s acting here is good. Giving 4/5 stars.


Haunted Mansion


Regal Films finally regained their Horror reputation with Haunted Mansion. I actually enjoyed this MMFF Entry with some pretty solid jump-out scares and gory scenes that are quite impressive of a Pinoy film. The film is truly a masterpiece as it boast good production design and cinematography. Musical scoring was also good. Good choice for the Mansion by the way as the setting. This time, Regal Films deviated from adding goofy scenes and invested on dark atmosphere and serious straight horror formula. Gone are the SRR days actually. It may be a risk but putting in some young teen stars worked well. Janella Salvador showed her best acting abilities and did not disappoint in the film. Marlo and Jerome were able lead men as well. Other cast were a good support. I so love the female bullies in the film. Horror sequences were delivered with a punch. Flashback scenes were justified well. Haunted Mansion may contain some of Hollywood’s Horror cliché but this was for me one of the best Pinoy horror film to date. As a Horror fan, I am satisfied. 5/5 stars.


Buy Now Die Later


A resemblance of Stephen King’s Needful Things – Buy Now, Die Later started off as an interesting Horror comedy involving a demonic owner of a shop that can fulfill your desires and fantasies in life. Studded with a promising & talented cast that is the film’s major strength. It has some good yet minimal jump-out scares injected with the right amount of comedy. After the 2nd half, everything was a mess. I find the climax to be weak and goofy though. Nevertheless, this was a good attempt for a Pinoy film in the field of Horror-comedy. I really love Sweet Lapus’ scenes. Pak na pak! 3/5 stars.


Beauty and the Bestie


The best Vice Ganda and Wenn Deramas Comedy Film to date and probably the one with most sense as a whole. Beauty and the Bestie will truly be this year’s highest MMFF 2015 Film with a great comic ensemble from Vice Gand, Lassy & MC; a very charming Coco, a promising child star duo and JaDine to complete the blockbuster package. It may still have non-sense parts but I love the plot as it combined action, comedy, romance into one compelling Pinoy masterpiece that will make you laugh from beginning to end. Finally, the film invested on Production design, good action sequences and stunts and some great Cinematography. JaDine was truly a great compliment and a breath of fresh air. Coco on the otherhand was the best choice for the role. Watch out for some memorable scenes from Coco on this one both for action and comedy. Truly a comedy film with a heart. Thanks Wenn and Star Cinema. 5/5 stars.