Passengers delivers enough charm, thrills, suspense and interest that will probably cover up the film’s minor and forgivable loop holes and flaws. Well, I loved the film. Aside from its interesting premise of 2 Passengers waking up 90 years prior their schedule, the movie was able to entertain its audience with light scenes, great visual effects, great production design and notably effective chemistry of Lawrence & Pratt. The film could have turned around a little bit deeper but I guess the phase was just right. There were some thrilling moments although majority of the film was in a subtle phase. The conflict was I think just right after the plot has been established. What’s¬†great about Passengers is that the storyline is well-presented and the conflict about the accident was executed well. Loved the loss of gravity during the swimming pool scene. It was pretty dope by the way. ¬†Supported by impressive acting performances of Chris and Jennifer, the film is worth 2 rounds of popcorn, a soda and a bottled water. Definitely, a good movie to start 2017. Passengers is perhaps the lightest space-inspired film ever made in terms of plot. Well, at least we’ve been spared with Interstellar and Gravity kind of stress. 5/5 stars.