My Rebound Girl


After a redeeming output for the Horror film – The Haunted Mansion and Horror-comedy I Love You to Death, Regal Films cuts the trend as it brought another disappointing RomCom with My Rebound Girl. Despite a promosing Joseph Marco, a semi-annoying quirkiness of Alex Gonzaga, the film is as bitter as its concept about coffee industry. If there’s one worthy reason to watch this is plainly because of Joseph Marco and his abs. Lousy and uninteresting. Chemistry is generally their but the love team suffered from a very weak plot and character development.   Its generally a feel-good movie that is as bitter as its concept about coffee. Thanks to Joseph Marco’s charm for making it a little bearable to watch for more than 2 hours. You can pass on this one. 2/5 stars.


Love me Tomorrow


Despite a stellar cast, Love Me Tomorrow is a hit & miss Star Cinema film that brings a little entertainment that is enjoyable with one round of your popcorn. Somehow, this experimental film has failed to delivery a solid storyline and impact usually felt when watching a Star Cinema Masterpiece. Dawn and Piolo may have given their best but they were pulled down by a lousy conflict and superficial plot & characterization that could have been better in so many ways. Well, I enjoyed some parts like that of Carmi Martin’s. Also I would like to commend an improved acting of Coleen for this one. Too bad if you are expecting high for this film. 2/5 stars.


All You Need is Pag-ibig


Walang pinipiling edad kapag nasaktan. Kapag nasaktan, nasaktan. Kapag ayaw na, ayaw na – The most striking statement from Nova Villa in All You Need is Pag-ibig. This film turns out to be better than I expected. Heartwarming and relatable. A feel-good and easy to digest film about the kinds of love we face everyday. The plot is truly a Jadaone-crafted one. The story and concept of love was presented and established well throughout the film. I love how the Director played with the connection of all the characters. No dull scenes for me. The cast was great as well. Hats off to Ronaldo & Nova on this one. The best kilig parts were also from Ian & Jodi who definitely delivered their best. Hoping to see more Ian & Jodi films in the future. Kris Aquino is Kris Aquino in this film. Overall, All You Need is Pag-ibig is far from being your average Romantic Film as it will bring genuine smiles on your faces when you go out the theater house. Cried some bucket on some scenes from Nova & Ronaldo 🙂 Worth-watching for both single and hopeless romantic. 5/5 stars.



The PreNup


The PreNup offers an adequate amount of romance and comedy that is mainly attributed to Jennyln’s charm and proven acting in Pinoy Romcom industry. Well, I even loved her even more on this film. Sam was a vital accessory though as they bring some on-screen chemistry with Jen. I just have a little problem on the way they establish the plot. Despite a rough and rush start, the film manages to survive with some notable performances and good laughs from Gardo V., Dominic O., Melai C & Jacklyn Jose. Generally relatable plot and characters, The PreNup is worth-watching once 🙂 3.5/5 stars.