Saving Sally


Saving Sally took a big risk in bringing mixed media of Animation and realism into one colorful and awesome piece which is truly a breakthrough film entry of MMFF 2016 and perhaps the entire Pinoy film industry. As the Marketing says it all, the film took a decade to finish considering the limitations of technology we have here in PH. Well, I must say that it is so worth it. The film’s final output is very impressive. The story might a little bit lazy and familiar but the storyline was presented in a very creative manner. The interpretation will glue you with great visuals supported by a variety of symbols and metaphor of a very typical love story. Whats great about Saving Sally is that it gave the feels of watching an International film. Some may find it a little bit boring but when you begin to unfold the hidden meaning of the sequences, you begin to appreciate the extensive effort and brilliant minds of the people behind the best Pinoy Animated film to date. 4/5 stars.




Watched this film with low expectations and ended up satisfied and shocked at the same time. Silong took several risks from its Cinematography & Storyline formula and somehow proved the film’s worth as a majority. Silong started off silently and started to build suspense and mystery just enough to let the audience be caught off guard with its disturbing twist and turns. A very unique Pinoy Film indeed. Kudos to some powerful acting from Rhian and Piolo. 4/5 stars.