The Third Party


Star Cinema’s The Third Party is one of my favorite Pinoy Film of the Year. From its very controversial and intriguing theme and a very reliable casting, the movie does not disappoint. Aside from tried and tested Star Cinema magic, the film took risk but was able to invest on refreshing and light approach from a very unusual romantic story about same sex relationships in a very engaging subplots that will satisfy you as a moviegoer. Loved the way how the story evolved from the 3 characters. I commend Angel, Sam and Zanjoe for showing great performances. The 3 blended well. The movie is pretty enjoyable as it tackled various issues in a very conservative manner still bearable to all kinds of audience except the younger ones. Light and feel-good. Some heartwarming scenes to watch out. I salute Star Cinema for coming up with this movie. This is a lighter and more enjoyable version of In my Life (of similar plot) with that of JLC and Luis Manzano’s. 5/5 stars for this R13 Masterpiece.


The PreNup


The PreNup offers an adequate amount of romance and comedy that is mainly attributed to Jennyln’s charm and proven acting in Pinoy Romcom industry. Well, I even loved her even more on this film. Sam was a vital accessory though as they bring some on-screen chemistry with Jen. I just have a little problem on the way they establish the plot. Despite a rough and rush start, the film manages to survive with some notable performances and good laughs from Gardo V., Dominic O., Melai C & Jacklyn Jose. Generally relatable plot and characters, The PreNup is worth-watching once 🙂 3.5/5 stars.