Arrival redefined Sci-fi with mind-blowing, imaginative & subtle formula.




Arrival is a science-fiction film about a rigorous investigation of a mysterious spacecraft that laded on earth. An elite force including Louise, a linguist, worked together in the race against time to save humanity from pending threat of this extra-terrestrial beings.

Casts: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker

Genre: Mystery, Science-fiction, Drama


The Arrival is not your ordinary science-fiction movie that heavily invested its creativity and effort in deep and impressive concept of extra-terrestrial and realism at the same time. The movie has effectively created a suspenseful succession and sparked enough curiosity until a mind-blowing and unexpected twist that will surely leave you in awe until the last credits of the film. I was breathless. The film is one of Hollywood’s finest to date. It may not be as thrilling in terms of action sequences but the real strength of The Arrival lies on its superbly done cinematography and story-telling technique that will surely tease your brain. Aside from its very unique plot, the movie is actually heartwarming and inspiring in the end. Credits given to its very talented cast – Renner, Whitaker & Adams. I must give it to Amy Adams for giving off her best performance yet. She is just stunning and amazing from beginning to end. The movie veered away from the usual sci-fi and alien thing formula and took a wild risk on its whole formula. Worth-watching.


This film may disappoint action-junkie audiences.


10/10 Popcorns

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Passengers delivers enough charm, thrills, suspense and interest that will probably cover up the film’s minor and forgivable loop holes and flaws. Well, I loved the film. Aside from its interesting premise of 2 Passengers waking up 90 years prior their schedule, the movie was able to entertain its audience with light scenes, great visual effects, great production design and notably effective chemistry of Lawrence & Pratt. The film could have turned around a little bit deeper but I guess the phase was just right. There were some thrilling moments although majority of the film was in a subtle phase. The conflict was I think just right after the plot has been established. What’s great about Passengers is that the storyline is well-presented and the conflict about the accident was executed well. Loved the loss of gravity during the swimming pool scene. It was pretty dope by the way.  Supported by impressive acting performances of Chris and Jennifer, the film is worth 2 rounds of popcorn, a soda and a bottled water. Definitely, a good movie to start 2017. Passengers is perhaps the lightest space-inspired film ever made in terms of plot. Well, at least we’ve been spared with Interstellar and Gravity kind of stress. 5/5 stars.