The Girl with all the Gifts


The Girl with all the Gifts attempt to the zombie bandwagon is somehow a hit and miss for me. The film is a lighter approach on gore and thrills and more on a deeper aspect of the epidemic that strucked the world. It started a little bit fast actually. The film veered away from the action and focused on the relationship of the characters. It still has those thrills we expect from a Zombie film but it was somehow lacking spectacle. This zombie apocalyptic film was done with intelligence and depth as it gave an interesting adventure in finding the cure of the disease. It will surely disappoint those thrill-lover audiences but the film has some decent serving of those. Well, much of the story’s turning points and vital parts were explained via the characters’ conversations most of the time. On the otherhand, the actors were good also. If there’s one great thing about this flick, it is the most accurate representation of how should a zombie be. A few modest screams. Giving it 3.5/5 stars.


A Monster Calls


A Monster Calls is dark visionary masterpiece of fantasy & reality with subtle storytelling formula strengthened with great visuals and a very affecting plot. Majority may find it boring but if you look on the other side of the film, the film is actually inspiring & moving. A Monster Calls deeply touch your heart with scenes that cuts deep. The film is a wonderful and magical interpretation of accepting the hard facts of life and heal gradually in the process. Got me in tears on the climax. The scene was just heartwarming and meaningful. The movie combined animation and realism very well. Lots of symbolism used that will somehow let your imagination fly as the movie progresses. I can almost feel the heart and the soul of this touching story that was actually made to inspire instead of hitting the blockbuster wall. Kudos to the very talented cast. For me, one the most sensible film in Holloywood. 4/5 stars.


Sausage Party


Inappropriate. Non-sense. Vulgar. Naughty. Offensive. Downright delirious. Yet generally satisfying. Sausage Party is not your ordinary animated movie as it contains R18 formula not suitable for narrow-minded audience. This semi-disturbing movie is actually more of provocative as it tackles religion and reality in a very strange manner. It feels like you’re watching a soft porn. The movie is full of profanity so its not suitable for 18 years and below so dont you ever let your children watch this alone. With the voices of James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Salma Hayek, Paul Rudd and many more, Sausage Party is a whole Pile of clever characterization with some interesting interpretation along the way. Gaaah. The climax was arghhhh. Anyways, not suitable for younger audiences. 3.5/5 stars.