Fantastica is a story of proprietor of a struggling carnival must help a prince from another land find three lost princesses. This movie is directed by Barry Gonzales under Viva Films & Star Cinema.

CAST: Vice Ganda, Dingdong Dantes, Richard Gutierrez, Jaclyn Jose, Ryan Bang, Bella Padilla, Maymay Entrata, Edward Barbers, Ronnie Alonte, Loisa Andalio, Kisses Delavin, Donny Pangilinan, Chokoleit, Johnny Revilla, MC Muah, Lassy Marquez, Juliana Parizcova & Angelika Mapanganib.

GENRE: Comedy, Adventure


With so many controversies surrounding the 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival, I am making Fantastica an exception in terms of Quality. What can we expect? With Commercialism for every year of MMFF, it all boils down to revenue. Adding any Vice Ganda Movie would mean millions of returns in the box office. Fantastica has effectively lived up to its purpose to provide cheap laughs and accessible entertainment to its viewers. Watching it after a disappointing “AURORA” was such a good relief actually. Fantastica is as shallow as expected but for me, it was refreshing Vice Ganda Movie with a heart. With Perya/Carnival as the main setting, the movie is really in for some fun ride from beginning to end. What I like about Fantastica is how it set the movie’s conflict & struggles through family. What comes after is pure entertainment and gags that are overall effective in its merits. The Carnival Concept was staged well. For me, the fun is always there. With pop culture references along with staging some memorable Star Cinema Films, Fantastica is downright funny & entertaining. The Magical Concept of the World of Fantastica was also pretty cool. The Location is really impressive. After all the laughs the movie is offering, Fantastica is a heartwarming story about Family & Love. I see so many heartwarming scenes on this film. Aside from that, Vice Ganda never failed to bring an epic performance as usual. The love triangle between Dingdong & Richard was such a refreshing site to see. Lassy & MC was again a good support to Vice. Jacklyn Jose’s role was truly one of the film’s strength. Bella Padilla was a good villain too. Not minding the quality of the film we are all aspiring, Fantastica was a good escape from other disappointing MMFF 2018 entries.


Fantastica may have a good location bit Visuals could have been improved. How I wish movies like this could spend on Production Design considering that Vice Ganda Films always rake the box office returns. Aside from that, Love teams present on the film was not utilized well. How I wish they have given worthy screen time and even a worthy plot support on the film’s premise. It felt like there were just pure accessories and glitters on the movie.



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The Super Parental Guardians


If you are in for some pure fun, The Super Parental Guardians is indeed for you. Star Cinema never fails to bring another blockbuster comedy film in the tried and tested Vice Ganda & Coco Martin formula. Despite the movie being a complete non-sense, the film is actually a fun ride from beginning to end. Aside from humor, the movie also has some good action sequences and cinematography. The movie is well-dressed up as well. Never minding its obvious cinematic flaws, the movie is worth for some decent laughs. The addition of the 2 child wonders was a good choice too. They complimented well with Vice and Coco. Giving it 4/5 stars. PS: The Beauty and the Bestie is still the best Vice G. for me.


Beauty and the Bestie


The best Vice Ganda and Wenn Deramas Comedy Film to date and probably the one with most sense as a whole. Beauty and the Bestie will truly be this year’s highest MMFF 2015 Film with a great comic ensemble from Vice Gand, Lassy & MC; a very charming Coco, a promising child star duo and JaDine to complete the blockbuster package. It may still have non-sense parts but I love the plot as it combined action, comedy, romance into one compelling Pinoy masterpiece that will make you laugh from beginning to end. Finally, the film invested on Production design, good action sequences and stunts and some great Cinematography. JaDine was truly a great compliment and a breath of fresh air. Coco on the otherhand was the best choice for the role. Watch out for some memorable scenes from Coco on this one both for action and comedy. Truly a comedy film with a heart. Thanks Wenn and Star Cinema. 5/5 stars.