A one-of-a-kind romance about two spies falling in love in the midst of World War 2. A subtle romantic masterpiece with decent performances from Pitt & Cotillard.
Allied is a war romance that may lack character build-up but ended up on the right pace with a little shock. This period film was justified well from costumes, production design, props & setting. The film geared towards more of the love story than the action. The pacing at start may a little be slow but the sequencing was done with the right suspense and build-up towards that climax. Allied will bring you to a variety of emotions as it tell the unique love story of the characters. Actually, I fell in love with the film. Some may not like it because of its running time and some boring scenes but I see a masterpiece in Allied – an old-fashioned war romance that might not be as spectacular and cheesy as other films, but this surely is a movie with depth and classic touch. 4/5 stars.


Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk


Truly, one of this year’s major disappointment from an Academy-award winning director Ang Lee of Life of Pi. Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk is a bloated drama film that lacked the very soul of what should be an inspiring and heartwarming war drama about our modern day heroes in the field. I find the movie exhausting despite great cinematography and visuals. The movie focused much on the drama aspect and counted on flashbacks to tell the story behind that it forgot to give justice to the film’s central theme. The movie could have invested on the war zone scenario and happenings to support its backbone of heroism and patriotism. What I saw was a messed up family affair and some weird post-traumatic experiences that was not thoroughly explained well and is somehow not relevant as a whole. It could have been more dramatic if the struggles of the soldiers were shown the least. It is neither compelling nor inspiring. The inclusion of Kristine Stewart and Vin Diesel did not even contributed much. What I loved about this film is the newcomer Joe Alwyn who gave a good performance. At least his charm was bearable enough for me to finish the whole movie. 2.5/5 stars.